About my Investments

Creating and building companies is my biggest passion. It is both the most rewarding and yet challenging adventure at the same time. I like spending most of my time with fellow entrepreneurs and helping them succeed in their mission.

The best founders tend do be bold & aggressive and create businesses that do not look incredibly attractive at first glance. These ventures typically address hidden champion markets – not least as I have founded or been involved in the creation of 3 “hidden champion” startups myself.

We can support our investments with our expertise and the large network in marketing, sales, business development or financing.


Portfolio Overview


International Key Media Quotes

  • “Some people tend to underestimate the potential impact of Apple Watch,” said Christian Gaiser, CEO of Retale.
    ForbesUSA – March 13, 2015
  • "Christian Gaiser will teach Russians the ‚German style‘ shopping"
    Russian BusinessRussia – April 11, 2012
  • "You aren’t just a shopper these days, you’re a digitally empowered customer and the Apple Watch is going to revolutionize retail while also helping boost “a revival” of traditional offline stores, Retale CEO, Christian Gaiser told me."
    ComputerworldUSA – March 6, 2015
  • "Christian Gaiser, chief executive of Retale, said his company found a path to using a watch app to complement its smartphone app. Retale’s iPhone app displays weekly deals for retailers like Walmart and Target."
    The New York TimesUSA – May 9, 2015