About my Investments

Creating and building companies is my biggest passion. It is both the most rewarding and yet challenging adventure at the same time. I like spending most of my time with fellow entrepreneurs and helping them succeed in their mission.

The best founders tend do be bold & aggressive and create businesses that do not look incredibly attractive at first glance. These ventures typically address hidden champion markets – not least as I have founded or been involved in the creation of 3 “hidden champion” startups myself.

Together with my fellow entrepreneurs from “The Angel Club”  I share deals and expertise. All of us have founded successful companies with international scale such as Audibene or Onvista. The unique differentiator for us is that we have all run our businesses for 8 to 10 years each, so we like to take the long term view. This means, we can support our investments with our expertise and the large network in marketing, sales, business development or financing.


Portfolio Overview


International Key Media Quotes

  • “Some people tend to underestimate the potential impact of Apple Watch,” said Christian Gaiser, CEO of Retale.
    ForbesUSA – March 13, 2015
  • "Christian Gaiser will teach Russians the ‚German style‘ shopping"
    Russian BusinessRussia – April 11, 2012
  • "You aren’t just a shopper these days, you’re a digitally empowered customer and the Apple Watch is going to revolutionize retail while also helping boost “a revival” of traditional offline stores, Retale CEO, Christian Gaiser told me."
    ComputerworldUSA – March 6, 2015
  • "Christian Gaiser, chief executive of Retale, said his company found a path to using a watch app to complement its smartphone app. Retale’s iPhone app displays weekly deals for retailers like Walmart and Target."
    The New York TimesUSA – May 9, 2015